Empowering Students through Dormitory Tutorship Program at Bandung Institute of Technology



Program Actvities

In this section will only showing off about video creation
The ITB Student Affairs Directorate has established an official community aimed at supporting and guiding new students residing in the ITB Dormitory. The goal of this community is to assist these students in not only enhancing their academic performance, but also in fostering the development of their character and overall well-being.

Content Explanation - The following content is part of my creation, in the series of "Mentoring Kabinet Asrama ITB 2021" as an opening event in the recruitment process for ITB dormitory tutors. The theme is inspired by the story of "Sun Wo Kong (The Mighty Monkey Searching for the Holy Book)". Videos 1 and 3 are the intro and outro in the final meeting, recapping the journey of all participants in this activity. Video 2 is a storyline video for the second day, based on the theme given in the previous five days.

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