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Background - During my tenure at YOT Bandung, I had the opportunity to create a variety of designs as a staff member and eventually as the Director of Marketing & Communication Division. These designs involved a wide range of tasks, such as creating compelling content and editing videos to showcase and promote the community's activities and strengthen its overall branding.

Community - YOT Bandung is a large and dynamic community that has a significant presence in several major cities. As such, it is a hub of activity and a place where young people can come together to address important social issues and make a positive impact. Whether it was through the creation of eye-catching designs, engaging content, or thought-provoking video edits, I was proud to be a part of this community and contribute to its success.

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Saham Talks 101 - press release: is one of the recent program in 2021. It's all about recap the participants which conducting live through zoom and online streaming through youtube.

One of the design created by me which published for recruitment process of YOT Bandung Batch 6.

One of the stories template created by me. Used for activities update.

Me and my partner as director & vice-director of Marketing & Communication Team in YOT Bandung Batch 6.

One of the press release update about YOT Care.

One of design as starter of template YOT Bandung Batch 6.

The biggest project of YOT Bandung Batch 5 who collaborated with Dinas Koperasi & UMKM Bandung City and participated by a whole of micro industries & home industries from each subdistrict in Bandung City.

Team photos (YOT Bandung Batch 5) after project "Pesta Dagang 2019".

Team photos (YOT Bandung Batch 5) after project "YOT CC 2019".

Team photos (YOT Bandung Batch 5) after project "World Cleaning Day 2019".

Team photos (YOT Bandung Batch 5) after project "YOT Teaching 2019" collaborated with Tanpa Batas Community.

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